Blue Ocean stays loaded... with Bitbucket Cloud

Good afternoon community.
I have a problem connecting Jenkins with Blue Ocean to Bitbucket Cloud, the connection is made perfectly providing the Bitbucket user id and app password with full permissions, but it does not finish loading any repository, it always stays loading.
Thank you

As information, I have tested it with a GitHub repository and it manages to load it right away.

oct. 06, 2023 11:28:46 A. M. ADVERTENCIA io.jenkins.blueocean.commons.stapler.export.ExportInterceptor$1 getValue

Failed to get “repositories” from a io.jenkins.blueocean.blueocean_bitbucket_pipeline.BitbucketRepositoryContainer
io.jenkins.blueocean.commons.ServiceException: Not Found
at io.jenkins.blueocean.blueocean_bitbucket_pipeline.HttpResponse.getContent(
at io.jenkins.blueocean.blueocean_bitbucket_pipeline.BitbucketRepositoryContainer$BitbucketRepositories.(
at io.jenkins.blueocean.blueocean_bitbucket_pipeline.BitbucketRepositoryContainer.getRepositories(
at io.jenkins.blueocean.commons.stapler.export.MethodProperty.getValue(
Caused: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope that you’ll be able to use that path to create a Pipeline. The Blue Ocean pages say:

Blue Ocean status
Blue Ocean will not receive further functionality updates. Blue Ocean will continue to provide easy-to-use Pipeline visualization, but it will not be enhanced further. It will only receive selective updates for significant security issues or functional defects

Create the Pipeline with a text editor and create an organization folder or a multibranch Pipeline from the “New Item” selection on the left side of the Jenkins menus.

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