BitBucket Integration Issue - This plugin does not support connecting to

Hello Experts, How do I overcome the issue that I’m facing while trying to integrate BitBucket with Jenkins to use a pipeline project.

The error I get when trying to add the BitBucket instance is
“This plugin does not support connecting to It is for Bitbucket Server instances only.”

My URL for BitBucket is

https ://bitbucket. org//.

Any help is appreciated.

which plugin are you using? It certainly sounds like your using a version designed for bitbucket server (on-prem) not bitbucket cloud

I don’t know though, i don’t use bitbucket

I’m using Bitbucket Server Integration plugin. Yes, it for BitBucket Server and not for Cloud. Not sure which plugin to use for Bitbucket cloud.

Bitbucket branch source plugin supports Bitbucket Cloud.

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