Are we good to shutdown wiki exporter now?

So now that all the old content on the wiki has been moved to GitHub - jenkins-infra/plugins-wiki-docs then I don’t see the use for anymore. Is it safe to shut down now? I can only imagine Plugin Migration Progress - Jenkins Wiki Converter might still be used, but once Remove wiki urls by rewriting them to github blobs by halkeye · Pull Request #548 · jenkins-infra/update-center2 · GitHub gets merged, progress will show all green, so we’d have to handle that.

specifically pinging @zbynek @MarkEWaite but open to all


I would keep it for now but no strong opinion. It is more important to make the archive publicly available so that people can manually move the data for edge cases. CC @olblak .

The archive being the dump of all the plugin docs? That’s already public and I linked to it in this thread.

Do you mean the general wiki export? That’s a different topic and afaik mark and Olivier are working on it. I don’t think it has anything to do with this took though

Yes, I mean the general Wiki export. We still have many unconverted documentation pages there

Let me open a new discussion for that.
I exported the content to Html pages but we won’t be able to use it as-is the URL format is changing

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I think we can leave with it. Our main goal now would be to make the content available somehow. We can just redirect all the stuff to the repository root if there is no redirect configured. On this route we can provide advice for contributors.

We have Hacktoberfest ahead, but I’m not sure we should promote non plugin docs migration there. Be already have more than a dozen pending pull requests to do not get progress. We would also need to update the contributing guidelines. It’s something for Mark to decide as the documentation officer, but right now I would rather vote against promoting this project.

So i generated a list a little while ago of all wiki urls that links to - find-wiki.js · GitHub

I think step one would be to replace as many with plugin links as possible. Then re-run the script.
Maybe figure out a plan for links to the profile pages.
The remainders I’m sure we could best guess with any fuzzy matching library.

Or we could dump the exported html that @olblak has done into a github repo, and then ask people to do the migration by hand

or both.

Can someone post the latest most popular wiki page list?

I believe someone with access would have to spin up the actual vm to get that report. Is there anything on that list your specifically looking for?

I may still have the wiki page popularity data that I had been gathering. Won’t have time to look for it until next week at the earliest.

Refer to Wiki Conversion Progress - Google Sheets for an older copy of the popularity numbers I had gathered for non-plugin wiki pages.

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Can I get access to the exported data for what was I would like to migrate it as it is referenced from at 65e55b13f5e4a9a4e3fd3dca2d1d39f36a360ff2 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub

Actually it looks like that content has already been migrated to Authenticating scripted clients, so I’ll just create a PR for updating the link.

Sounds good. I have a copy of the archive (all the .html files) @olblak exported. I’m worried there might be sensitive topics in there, i don’t exactly know what he exported. We could just throw it in a github repo though and then people could grab it.

Or I could continue to give out single pages as requested.

Hi Everybody,

I just created a private GitHub repository containing confluence data exported to html pages from the following namespaces “JENKINS”, “JA”, “JUC”, “infra”, “SECURITY”, and “SUN”

I really need the wiki exporter progress report for Hacktoberfest so that new contributors can identify plugins that need documentation migrated to GitHub. Could we keep the progress report for the month of October?

It’s not going to randomly disappear, I just like to finish tasks. Specifically the progress report will report the wrong data once the update center patch is applied so it might be worth updating the code to handle that early.

Today during the infrastructure meeting we decided to run jenkins-infra/confluence-data as we couldn’t identify sensitive information

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It looks like the wiki exporter progress report is offline. When I open it reports

Cannot destructure property ‘url’ of ‘edge.node.content’ as it is null.

someone added a note to Plugin documentation Migration (Wiki=>GitHub) · GitHub
lemme see if i can filter it out