Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - March 9, 2023

Attending: Alyssa Tong, Mark Waite, JMM, Kris Stern, Bruno Verachten

Action items:

  • Feb newsletter is in PR…yay! Best SIG chairs EVER!!!


  • GSoC
    • We’ve covered 7 project idea presentations in the last 2 weeks…congrats JMM!
    • Last project presos today
    • We’re experiencing larger number of new contributors interested this year than seen in 2022, they seem very interested, and knowledgeable
    • Applicants are already submitting proposals for review. We’ve received 5 drafts for feedback
      • AT to reach out to mentors w/ reminders to provide feedback
      • March 20, 2023 - contributor proposals open
      • April 04, 2023 - contributor proposal deadline
      • April 27, 2023 - proposal ranking deadline
  • Jenkins contributor awards
  • SCaLE 20X: AT and MW staffing the Jenkins booth tomorrow and into this weekend.
  • DevDay Mons (BE) on the 23rd of March. Bruno will give a talk about Jenkins and Android.
    • Question: Should we add these events to the Event calendar?
    • Response: MW this means we would have to put every Jenkins talks (by everyone else) on the calendar that can be too much. Might be best if after the session the speaker write a blog post about it.
  • Note: Daylight saving time taking place in the US this weekend.