Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - 2024 02 22

NOTE: Pls use the notes below as the source of truth re: award voting.

Attendees: AT, Kevin Martens, JMM, Bruno Verachten


  • Contributor summit recap
    • Event was a success! Good attendance by the right people, good discussions and collaboration
    • KM working on blog post recap
    • Betacowork meeting place secured for next year if needed, for free. Need to confirm with the host in Oct.
  • GSoC 2024
    • Project ideas overview part 2 - next Tuesday, 27 Feb at 4pm UTC?..yes!
    • Project ideas list is updated and current…Thank you Kris!
    • AT: will communicate to all mentors to be on hand to help review/feedback draft proposals now to 18 March.
    • All mentors need to register on GSoC portal
    • Office hours TBD
    • Contributor application begins: 18 March
    • Contributor application end: 2 April
    • Proposal ranking due from org admin: 24 April
  • Jenkins awards
  • Next in person event: SCaLE 21X - Pasadena, CA | March 14-17
  • AT on vacation: 3 April - 19 April. AT should be able to submit GSoC ranking by 24 April
  • Tim Jacomb spotlight story published yesterday…thank you Kevin!