Admin account locked out after editing Global Security

We have 2 jenkins k8s containers setup for production and test: jenkins and jenkins-tst. I noticed that jenkins-tst did not have the option to add users. I tried editing Global Security to match what is set on the production jenkins and then the admin password stopped working.

I’ve edited config.xml to reset the password using Disable Access Control but it still prompts for password.

did you startart the pod after making the change? there should be 0 security when access control is disabled.

Yes, it has been restarted.

I logged into the new jenkins container and double checked /var/jenkins_config/config.xml has


Did you do step 5 as well? With 4 and 5 complete there should be no auth enabled at all, so I don’t know why your seing a login screen.

Maybe your editing a backup or the wrong server?

I’ve reran the reset instructions with the same results. Here is a pastebin of the config.xml . I knows it’s correct server because the config file changed after editing and container the url is unreachable when killing container.

I’m really not sure what to tell you, i think we need more information. “I made the change as per the docs and it didn’t work” isn’t a lot to go on. With security disabled, it should work as everyone has all access, and never ask you for passwords. My guess is something else is going on, maybe the login screen is outside of jenkins, or a weird plugin is doing something special.

Yes! Got it working!

I found another config.xml in the container under /var/jenkins_home/config.xml. The one I edited with kubectl was under /var/jenkins_config/config.xml