Active choice plugin doesn't work on stable version 2.414 and 2.428


I have a problem with the Active Choices plugin.

I wrote a Jenkinsfile that worked correctly on version 2.406. After updating to the stable version 2.414 and later to 2.428, it stopped working.

I received an error:

“No such adjunct found: org.kohsuke.stapler.jquery org.kohsuke.stapler.framework.adjunct.NoSuchAdjunctException: Neither org.kohsuke.stapler.jquery.css, .js, .html, nor .jelly were found.”

This caused the “CascadeChoiceParameter” and “DynamicReferenceParameter” to stop working - I didn’t change anything in the code.

This is part of my pipeline:

[$class: 'CascadeChoiceParameter',
            name: 'loadTestSelect',
            referencedParameters: 'testCaseSelect',
            choiceType: 'PT_RADIO',
            description: 'Wybierz scenariusz:',
            filterable: false,
            script: [
                $class: 'GroovyScript',
                script: [
                    classpath: [],
                    sandbox: true,
                    script: '''
                        if (testCaseSelect == 'T6') {
                            return [

In the earlier version it referenced properly.

I will be gratefull for any solution how to fix it.

If you need more details, please give me know :slight_smile: