2023 August 31 Jenkins GSoC Office Hours

Attendees: Kris, JMM, Bruno, Antoine, Jagruti, Vandit

Agenda & Notes:

  • JMM proposes this meeting to be the last GSoC office hour for the 2023 program
  • Projects roundup
    • Plugin Health Scores – Jagruti
      • Next task third-party repo probe, was put on hold earlier
      • Also prepared code to be shared with Google team
      • Antoine wanted to highlight the third-party probe should be a prototype
        • Could be another service running
        • If it will not be merged it should not be an indication that there is anything wrong with the PR
    • Building jenkins.io with Alternative Tools – Vandit
      • Over the past two days has been fixing broken links in Antora, except the roadmap, download pages, etc.
      • Have an idea for implementing the roadmap page
      • Gatsby plugin for Strapi integration not working previously, so had to switch to something else.
      • Will use axios for API calls
      • Will check Antora for images not loading
      • Will be working on the blog feature soon
      • Kris got feedback regarding the tooling for the blog, which will need to be simplified to a simple frontend framework integrated with GitHub instead
    • Docker Quickstart – Ashutosh
      • Globally happy with progress
      • PR’s pending to be merged when Infra team has more manpower to do so
      • Images will need to be transferred to Jenkins org before they can be formally transferred
  • Vote indicated a consensus to end GSoC office hours effectively next week
  • JMM encourage contributors to share their journey with audience during presentations