2023 August 24 Jenkins GSoC Office Hours

Attendees: Kris, Bruno, JMM, Alyssa, Antoine, Jagruti, Harsh, Vandit, Ashutosh

Agenda & Notes:

  • Two members of GSoC requested extensions to complete their projects around September 19
  • Two projects will complete by next Monday UTC
  • Public presentations will be held on September 14 at 15:00 UTC
  • Code products will be submitted during the last week of the respective projects
  • Projects roundup
    • Plugin Health Scores – Jagruti
      • Last week started on a new probe – incremental build probe
      • This week’s focus is to implement Antoine’s suggestions
      • Bought the Head-First OOP Design book and started working on it on JMM’s suggestion
    • GitLab Plugin Modernisation – Harsh
      • Blog has been published
      • Has submitted code product to Google
      • Some more interactive testing will be done by Mark on coming weeks
      • Wish could extend the project longer to get more done
    • Building jenkins.io with Alternative Tools – Vandit
      • Extending deadline for project
      • Raised a PR for the Blog feature with Gatsby and Strapi
      • Main milestone is Antora Docs have been completed
      • Will give ourselves two weeks to get up to speed with the latest changes to jenkins.io and to check each link
    • Docker Quickstart – Ashutosh
      • Blog post has been published
      • Got a problem with the infra team not having the bandwidth to deploy the products
      • Currently the documentation will need the input of the infra team, but would like to get things done before Hacktoberfest, so we could include the work then, maybe even become a maintainer later