Why can't I upload to Testflight using Jenkins Fastlane but I can using terminal on MacOS?

I use the fastlane beta command in Jenkins to upload to Testflight/apple for our app. For some reason, it hangs during the Jenkins build process on step [Transporter]: DBG-X: parameter EnableJWTForAllCalls = false. When I use the same Jenkins command (fastlane beta) using terminal on the server itself, it works just fine. I updated the path on the Jenkins node to be the same path as the build server but it still hangs. I am not sure what else can be different. I did notice its using operation named: lookupSoftwareForBundleId instead of authenticateForTransportDiscovery

Can anyone help me?

So when it comes to plugins provided by vendors, its probably better to reach out to them. I can’t even find a fastlane or testflight plugin to poke at the code. The best I can find is Jenkins - fastlane docs

So I was going to say its probably worth using a CLI if available, but I think that above link is a cli?

I really have no idea what your actual error messages is, let alone how to suggest a solution, so I would recommend reaching out to fastlane.

We use the upload_to_testflight process to upload to Apple. It runs through all of the steps but then hangs on [Transporter]: DBG-X: parameter EnableJWTForAllCalls = false. I did notice that when I run the fastlane command in terminal it adds “arch=arm64; rosetta=true” to the OSIdentifier parameters but when I use Jenkins it isn’t there.

DEBUG [2022-02-14 16:56:00.00]: [Transporter]: DBG-X: parameter OSIdentifier = Mac OS X 12.0.1 (x86_64); jvm=14.0.2+12-iTunesOpenJDK-8; jre=14.0.2+12-iTunesOpenJDK-8; arch=arm64; rosetta=true

I assume you are running on M1? Does it make any difference if you set the Terminal app to use rosetta? It’s Just a wild guess :confused:

To get builds uploaded while debugging the issue with fastlane you might be able to use xcrun altool —upload-app in your pipeline to send the ipa to testflight

It runs fine when using terminal. Yes it is an M1 Mac Mini.