Why calling pipeline steps from plugin is a bad idea?

Hi, all!
I’m writing a plugin which is a pipeline step. I wanted to call other pipeline steps (like sh, archiveArtifacts, etc.) inside my step. Nobody tells me the answer, so I am asking more relevant question. Can anyone explain why it is a bad idea?
Because if I will not find technically correct answer, my customer will make me to do that anyway. If I find a solution I will definitely share it with community, which will lead unpredictable consequences and a lot of bad plugin code.
Please, explain me anybody, why it is a bad idea?

Is it a bad idea?

I can’t think of why you’d want to. My feeling is a step should do one thing. Shared pipelines are better for shared workflows

A lack of answer probably is more likely nobody around who knows rather than anything else

@halkeye you can find details of what is actual goal in this issue’s description inside spoiler Concept details: