Where is Jenkins milestone state stored?

Does anybody know where Jenkins milestone state is stored?

I need to reset the milestone data as I’m testing handling of the very first run of a templated pipeline and reset the build number to 1 but it still complains about previous milestone 7

basically I did this:

As part of developing my Jenkins library:

What I’m doing is dynamically generating the choices parameters based on all pipelines and git tags and branches enumerated from the Jenkins API and Git repo respectively, but the first run of this pipeline results in it never having done the user pop-up for choices so continues on using the first of both parameters which is why I’ve written in an abort for the first run for build #1 but am trying to get back to build #1 to test this but the milestones are preventing it from hitting the latter stage where my code is.

Hello @HariSekhon and welcome to this community :wave:

I think what you’re referring to is stored in the $JENKINS_HOME/fingerprints directory.
So… removing the directory and restarting Jenkins could help… but it’s not convenient at all.