Where does documentation for older Jenkins versions live?

I’m running into what looks to me some weird behavior with Jenkins and I suspect it may be because the behavior for my current version (2.375.1).

Where can I find the documentation for Jenkins version 2.375.1?

As of now, you could take a look at the jenkins.io git history: GitHub - jenkins-infra/jenkins.io: A static site for the Jenkins automation server

There is a GSoC (Google Summer of Code) project attempting to create a versioned documentation of jenkins.io, but that’s not live yet.
Maybe @krisstern could provide an update.

Thanks. Where would I find Workflow Basic Steps there? I tried using GitHub’s search function, but it doesn’t find results that are in the linked page.

Our GSoC 2023 contributor @Vandit1604 is hard at work trying to have at least a draft version of the new versioned documentation out by end of this month. But it looks like to me it may take longer so it is hard to say. But the new docs site should be ready early next year.

Documentation for old versions of the “Pipeline: Basic Steps” plugin is in its repository, e.g. https://github.com/jenkinsci/workflow-basic-steps-plugin/blob/d57e3ca46d24bb91b8410467284176b0f319c64e/src/main/resources/org/jenkinsci/plugins/workflow/steps/PushdStep/help.html. But it’s cumbersome to piece together from there because each parameter of each step is documented in a separate file. If you already have the desired version of that plugin in a working Jenkins instance, it is easier to click the “Pipeline Syntax” link in any pipeline project and then use either “Snippet Generator” (which needs more clicking to choose the step and expand the help) or “Steps Reference” (which shows all installed steps but loads slowly).

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