Web SCM Poll vs Pipeline Trigger pollSCM vs Pipeline Step Git poll: true

Hello. I am transitioning from simple jobs to pipeline based workflow.

I had a query about the different ways to specify SCM poll settings.

There appears to be three ways in a pipeline project:

  • Using the Web UI (tick Poll SCM, and then provide a schedule)
  • Using the pipeline trigger block (i.e. trigger { pollSCM('* * * * *') })
  • Using the pipeline git step option (i.e. steps { git url: '...', poll: false })

Hypothetically, if I were to specify the polling in all three places with different schedules, is there a priority to them (i.e. does web UI value supersede pipeline values), or would all three run at their respective schedules, triggering multiple builds?

Further, it seems that specifying polling schedule only on the pipeline script does not enable the “Git Polling Log” menu item on the job. Conversely, setting polling schedule only on the web GUI does not enable the “Polling Log” option on the build.

Any advice?