Using MS Edge - screen gets very bright, fonts look "thin" and contrast is gone

Jenkins 2.346.1 - using Edge the screen is very washed out and unreadable in parts. Contrast between white and gray is gone… this was fine in 2.332.3

It’s fine in Chrome.

Example of console output for a pipeline -

Chrome (i can only put 1 embedded media in a post since I’m a new user so here’s the “bad” one from Edge)

Edge (the ‘[pipeline]’ lines are almost unreadable… and no grey background):


Any ideas?

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Here’s chrome:


Also to note - once I hit the Jenkins UI - colors/etc are all too bright/messed up for other web pages… I need to launch a new copy of Edge for it to be back to normal.

I’m not seeing that behavior on my copy of Edge. I’m running Edge Version 103.0.1264.37 (Official build) (64-bit) on Windows 11 and I see a console log that looks like this:

Any other insights that might suggest why your Edge behaves differently than mine?

I figured it out - turns out it was having “HDR” turned on in my Windows display settings… I just enabled that last week. Nothing else exhibited the same behavior except Jenkins - once I saw it in Jenkins if I continued to use the same web browser then other sites showed it as well. If I launched a completely new copy of Edge it was fine… until I hit Jenkins… Once I disabled HDR it’s been fine.

Not sure what in the Jenkins UI is triggering HDR to mess with brightness/contrast, but turning it off solved the issue.

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Thanks for the feedback @frachel and welcome to this community :wave: .