Text color of Execute shell

When update to 2.346.1. I found that the text color of command in execute shell step have been changed from “white” to “black”, because the background of execute shell is also “black” ( or gray). So i can not see the content of it by my eyes :frowning: .

Is there anyone meet this case and how to fix it, please help me !

Thank you guys in advanced !

I’ve not seen that behavior during testing of Jenkins 2.346.1. I’ve not seen a report of that from anyone else that is using Jenkins 2.346.1.

Do you see the same behavior when you view build logs on another Jenkins 2.346.1 instance, like Plugins » elastic-axis-plugin » master #182 Console [Jenkins] ?

What browser are you using?

Are you using the dark theme?

Have you (inadvertently or intentionally) configured your browser for high dynamic range?

Have you installed the latest versions of all plugins?

Are there any other things that might distinctive about your system compared to the systems of others who have been testing and using Jenkins 2.346.1?

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We have seen the same behavior as well

we were using a custom theme ( using the plugin https://plugins.jenkins.io/simple-theme-plugin/ )

the temporary fix for us was

but the urls are still not highlighted

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Hi man, I tried to add the extra css to theme config and the console output display is okay. Thanks for your support.
However, the execute shell background of Build step in jenkins still not fixed. I tried to add this css but it’s not work:
.execute-shell, .execute-shell pre {
color: #e9eded !important;