Using Jenkins on a computer running Zscaler

While running Jenkins on a computer running Zscaler we are receiving update failure certificate errors.

Bypassing SSL inspection for one site results in other redirections.

Has anyone run in to this and fixed it?

What is zscaler? And how does it affect things? I’ve personally not used it, but trying to collect info for anyone who might know

Zscaler is a cloud based proxy tool.


If I correctly understand, your machine is connected to internet through a zscaler proxy.
So, I guess that your “organisation” has a certificate known to zscaler. This certificate (certificate chain probably) must therefore be installed on the machine / container / vm running jenkins.
Doing this should resolve your problem.

Hope it will help
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The certs are there and for the sites that are allowed we can test connect via Jenkins without issue. The problem is the number of sites Jenkins connects to from various domains which we are trying to minimize.