Unable to get SSL working on Jenkins running on Linux

I am having trouble getting SSL working on Jenkins ver. 2.414.2. I followed two articles (links below) and did everything EXACTLY as described, and get no error messages. The export to proprietary format, dir and file permissions are good. Config file modifications, too. However, the website just doesn’t respond when going to HTTPS and port 443. The tricky part is that the Jenkins location URL is defined as http and port 8080 which I am reluctant to change.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Darin Pope has a video that describes one method of enabling SSL with Jenkins.

SSL without a reverse proxy

Reverse proxy with NGINX

Reverse proxy with Apache

I use the reverse proxy with NGINX for my SSL based access to Jenkins.

I also use the NGINX method for my Jenkins installs, it is SOOOO much easier than trying to do it without a reverse proxy.