Uploaded builds not appearing in Google Play Console

I’m using the Post-build action Post-build Action ‘Upload Android AAB/APKs to Google Play’ to upload my latest build. And by all accounts it seems to be successful. When the build is successful I get a link to the build. When I use the link I confirmed that it installs the version that was built by jenkins. My question is, why do I not see the build in the Google Play Console when I look at releases to the Internal track (or any track).

Uploading file to internal app sharing on Google Play...
- Credential:     Google Play Console Developer
- Application ID: com.<redacted>

        AAB file: Builds\<redacted>.aab
       File size: 46.78 MB
      SHA-1 hash: 4007cb3f1b5edbfaeb91b8073ed0332a58032469
     versionCode: 152
     versionName: 0.2
   minSdkVersion: 28

Internal app sharing file was successfully uploaded to Google Play:
Finished: SUCCESS

Hello @MercutioGeek and welcome to this community. :wave:

There could be a few reasons for this issue. Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check Track Selection: Make sure you’ve selected the correct track in the Google Play Console. The build might have been uploaded to a different track (e.g., Alpha, Beta) than the one you’re currently viewing.
  2. Check Release Status: Ensure that the release status of the build is set to “Published.” If it’s in draft or pending status, it won’t be visible to users. You can check and update the release status in the Google Play Console.
  3. Check Version Codes and Names: Verify that the versionCode and versionName specified in your Jenkins build match the version code and name you expect in the Google Play Console. Inconsistent versioning can lead to confusion.
  4. Check Target Countries: Ensure that you have selected the appropriate target countries for the release in the Google Play Console. If the build is restricted to specific countries, it won’t be visible globally.
  5. Check Availability Delay: Google Play may take some time to propagate and make the release available to users, even after a successful upload. Wait for some time (usually a few hours) and check again.
  6. Check Publishing Time: If you have scheduled the release to be published at a future date and time, it won’t be visible until that scheduled time is reached.
  7. Check Google Play Console Permissions: Ensure that the Google Play Console account you are using to check the release has the necessary permissions to view and manage releases. Make sure you are logged in with the correct Google Play Console account.
  8. Review Google Play Console Logs: Check the logs and activity history in the Google Play Console for any error messages or issues related to the release. This can provide insights into why the release is not visible.
  9. Check Package Name: Confirm that the package name specified in your Jenkins build matches the package name of the app in the Google Play Console. A mismatch can prevent the build from being associated with the correct app.
  10. Verify Jenkins Configuration: Double-check the configuration in your Jenkins job, including the credentials used for uploading to Google Play. Ensure that the credentials have the necessary permissions.
  11. Test Internal Sharing Link: If you’ve used the internal sharing link provided by Jenkins to install the app, check if the app is functioning correctly. If it does, this suggests that the upload was successful, but there might be an issue with how you’re looking for the release in the Google Play Console.
  12. Contact Google Support: If you’ve exhausted all other options and the issue persists, consider reaching out to Google Play Console support for assistance. They can help investigate and resolve issues related to release visibility.