Upgrade from 2.204.6 to 2.289.3 failed on CSRF

Due to an unplanned restart of Jenkins v2.204.6, several plugins were upgraded and I have a long list of not loaded plugins. This made all pipelines not visible in Jenkins, they cannot be started from outside, but the pipelines are still on server.
I downloaded war for v2.289.3 (this is still Java1.8?) and for the new installation UI is available, but I cannot login to manage Jenkins - I get always “HTTP Error 403: No valid crumb was included in the request”.
My user is in Active Directory and I have admin privileges.

I have tried:

  1. I have run both statements on the Jenkins server, using my credentials.
    curl -kv -X GET https://:443/crumbIssuer/api/json --user :
    curl -kX POST https://:443/manage --user : -H 'Jenkins-Crumb: ’
    The second did not really succeed, got Invalid crumb every time. I still could not login.

  2. java -Dhudson.security.csrf.DefaultCrumbIssuer.EXCLUDE_SESSION_ID=true -jar jenkins.war

  3. java -DDhudson.security.csrf.GlobalCrumbIssuerConfiguration.DISABLE_CSRF_PROTECTION=true
    This process has taken a lot of time, with a lot of errors, so I have aborted it, but after this I did not have crumb problem anymore, but invalid username or pwd.

  4. here spinnaker - Jenkins: 403 No valid crumb was included in the request - Stack Overflow I found something regarding tokens, but could not follow these instructions

  5. I restored backup from before Jenkins restart, but as the server went up, Jenkins restarted again. So I am now in the same situation, v2.204.6 and many plugin dependencies and downstream dependency errors…

Please help me with an idea, flow, how can I solve this? I believe that the best way is to upgrade Jenkins, but how can I get my pipelines back, how to go to Manage and examine plugins?

Thanks in advance!

The crumb is only needed if you use username:password instead of username: apikey which is the recommended solution.

I will say that I know for certain active directory plugin is one of plugins that is required to be updated in newer versions of jenkins.

Thank you very much @halkeye , indeed, the AD plugin was the key to these issues.

To my login problem after upgrade to v2.289.3 (where I could not access Manage Jenkins), this was the solution:

Note: config.xml should be saved before and then merged into the new one after restart Jenkins.

Also we have used username:APItoken to invoke a pipeline, everything seems to be working now.

Best Regards!