Updated documentation on using github API within Jenkins?

I have an organization job setup that connects to github via GitHub App and webhooks work and everything is good.

I’m trying to take it a step further and have github send some parameters for Jenkins to use, specifically build artifacts that get uploaded by a GitHub Action workflow.

So I found some documentation about how to use the GH REST API to work with build artifacts which mentions requiring tokens (not GH App private keys) in the API calls.

I got it all working locally but I’m trying to figure out how to do the same in Jenkins without having to manually generate a token with my stored GH App private key every build run, and came across this blog post

In addition to usage of GitHub App authentication for Multi-Branch Pipeline, you can also use app authentication directly in your Pipelines. You can access the Bearer token for the GitHub API by just loading a ‘Username/Password’ credential as usual, the plugin will handle authenticating with GitHub in the background.

I’m not sure if it means “create whatever username/password credentials you want because they don’t matter when you have GitHub App credentials stored for the plugin to use in the background” or if this is referring to the obsolete method of using github username/password.

Is this the current documentation on this?