Unable to continue dependency-check analysis

my end-user was trying to push a new build on Jenkins yesterday, but the build failed,
given him an error message

[INFO] Skipping RetireJS update since last update was within 24 hours.
10:29:32 [WARN] Unable to update 1 or more Cached Web DataSource, using local data instead. Results may not include recent vulnerabilities.
10:29:32 [ERROR] Unable to continue dependency-check analysis.
10:29:32 [ERROR] One or more fatal errors occurred
10:29:32 [ERROR] Unable to find the NVD CVE file to parse
10:29:32 [ERROR] No documents exist
10:29:33 ERROR: Mark build as failed because of exit code -13
10:29:33 Build step ‘Invoke Dependency-Check’ changed build result to FAILURE
10:29:33 Collecting Dependency-Check artifact
10:29:33 Unable to find Dependency-Check reports to parse
10:29:33 Findings exceed configured thresholds
10:29:33 INFO: Processing MSTest-Version N/A (default)
10:29:33 INFO: [MSTest-Version N/A (default)] - 1 test report file(s) were found with the pattern ‘**/TestResults.trx’ relative to ‘C:\JK\FP’ for the testing framework ‘MSTest-Version N/A (default)’.
10:29:33 INFO: Check ‘Failed Tests’ threshold.
10:29:33 INFO: Check ‘Skipped Tests’ threshold.
10:29:33 [Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found.
10:29:33 INFO: Setting the build status to org.jenkinsci.plugins.xunit.XUnitProcessorResult@75d98e8c
10:29:33 Finished: FAILURE

and I can confirm thatOWASP Dependency-Check Plugin is always enabled