Trigger Jenkins Multi branch pipeline on PR approval

Hi Team,

We are trying to Jenkins multi-branch pipeline to implement the CI/CD process. When ever the PR is approved, we want the Jenkins job to be triggered.

Currently the Jenkins multi-branch pipeline is creating a new pipeline when a PR is created and is getting triggered if any commits are made post PR creation.

But the PR pipeline is not getting is triggered if the PR is approved.

Is there a way to achieve this?



I’m a newbie myself, my question is directly below yours, feel free to answer it if you know the answer.

Not sure about triggering on approval of a PR. Normally you would trigger the pipeline on the Merging of the PR, which would be easily done by checking the Poll SCM and choosing the branch which is the destination of the PR. When the PR is merged Jenkins would see there are new revisions in the branch and execute the pipeline.