Too many requests to Bitbucket's API

Hi, my company has dozen of Organization Folders in our Jenkins each containing many repositories. We use Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin to to automatically create multi-branch jobs and manage webooks with Bitbucket. The problem is that each webhook call trigger scans on all organization folders which leads to create huge amount of API calls to Bitbucket. And because of that we reach Bitbucket’s API request limits.

Is there a way to skip scans on those folders that webhooks doesn’t apply to?

Well I hope I understand correctly that every scan triggers API call to Bitbucket.

Maybe this would be a solution? Bitbucket

That doesn’t seem right. What endpoint are you using? $JENKINS_URL/bitbucket-hook/ provided by the (above mentioned) bitbucket plugin?

No, I use endpoint generated by Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin: $JENKINS_URL/bitbucket-scmsource-hook/notify/

steved, we use Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin because it can automatically group our jobs into a Organisation Folders from Bitbucket Team Projects, also it manages the webooks so Bitbucket wouldn’t work for us