Bitbucket project organization folder

Getting below error for Bitbucket organization folder scan log.

[Mon Jul 08 14:45:44 IST 2024] Starting organization scan… [Mon Jul 08 14:45:44 IST 2024] Updating actions… Looking up team details of vijaypatidarnt… Connecting to using vijaypatidarnt/****** (jenkins-mysampleapp) Could not resolve team details

Hello and welcome to this community, @vijaypatidar. :wave:

The error message you’re encountering during the Bitbucket organization folder scan in Jenkins suggests that Jenkins is unable to resolve team details for the specified Bitbucket account.

This issue could occur because of several reasons, such as incorrect credentials, insufficient permissions, or network connectivity issues.

Here are a few things to check to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure that the credentials (username and password/token) used for connecting to Bitbucket are correct. If you’re using a token, make sure it hasn’t expired or been revoked.
  2. The account used to connect to Bitbucket must have the necessary permissions to access the team details. Verify that the account has access to the team and the required repositories.
  3. Make sure that your Jenkins server can reach A firewall or network configuration could be blocking the connection.
  4. Occasionally, changes to the Bitbucket API can affect integration tools. Check if there have been recent changes to the Bitbucket API that require updates to the Jenkins plugin.
  5. Make sure that Jenkins and the Bitbucket plugin are up to date. Plugin updates often include fixes for issues related to connectivity and integration.
  6. Jenkins logs can provide more detailed information about the error. Look for any additional error messages or warnings that could help identify the problem.
  7. Check Bitbucket’s status page to ensure there are no ongoing issues or outages that could be affecting API access.