Support of jenkins on amazon linux 2

Presently using jenkins on centos VM, now trying to shift jenkins to amazon linux 2 OS.Need to know jenkins versions supported on amazon linux 2.

Or any document that mentions the support of jenkins version on amazon linux 2 ?

Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux operating system that was scheduled for end of life by the operating system provider (Amazon) and then brought back to life by that same operating system provider (Amazon). Current end of life date for Amazon Linux 2 is June 2025.

Amazon Linux 2 was originally derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, though it has evolved further away from RHEL 7. Choosing to use Amazon Linux 2 means that you’re choosing to use components from CentOS 7. CentOS 7 is a very old Linux operating system.

The Jenkins Linux support policy page does not mention Amazon Linux 2. However, it is actively tested by core automation in the packaging job. It is a level 1 platform based on that automated testing in the packaging job using the rpm format.

There are users that have reported that it works when using the rpm files and the CentOS installation instructions. You can read their experiences in the Jenkins issue tracker.

One of the reasons that I personally object to Amazon Linux 2 is because of the OpenSSH 7.4 variant that it includes. Amazon Linux 2 and CentOS 7 are the only two operating systems running that old of an OpenSSH. See JENKINS-69149 for one of the reasons that more modern OpenSSH versions are preferred for Jenkins users with git.


I personally think it is a mistake to switch from CentOS to Amazon Linux 2. If you are incurring the cost and effort of switching from CentOS, why not switch to a newer release of Alma Linux or of Rocky Linux rather than remaining on a distribution derived from RHEL 7?

Rocky Linux and Alma Linux will allow you to retain your CentOS skills and allow you to use a Linux distribution that is based on your choice of either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.