Unable to connect to Jenkins

After installing Jenkins on Amazon Linux 2 EC2 and successful install, jenkins server start successful. But When I Login on browser with ec2-user-ip:8080 and show Unlock Jenkins then continue and go to Customize Jenkins box, Click on Install suggested plugins, then after I’m getting “An error occurred, Unable to connect to Jenkins” . So now what I do to solve this problem ?

That’s good, though you have chosen an operating system that will reach its end of life in 2025. If you had chosen Amazon Linux 2023, the operating system would not reach its end of until until 2028. Other operating system choices (Ubuntu 22.04, Debian 12, etc.) likewise have a longer remaining lifespan than Amazon Linux 2.

You’ll need to read the logs and see what they tell you about the failure. Hints for reading the logs are available from:

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i am beginor and i also face this problem what can i do?

You’ll need to investigate with your network provider to understand why they are blocking access to the Jenkins update center. Some organizations require that all web traffic most be done through a proxy server. Other organizations forbid access to the public internet.

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