Stop plugin update?


it’s possible to stop the plugin update process for the downloaded but not installed plugins?


If yes, how?


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Do you mean like revert the items that are “Downloaded Successfully. Will be activated during the next boot”?

Right. It’s possible to remove something on file system before the restart?

at the point you see that, the files have already been written to $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/, you can delete the file in that directory, but if its required, you’d have to download the older version manually again, or restore from your backups.


@halkeye I can also copy .bak to .hpi in the plugin folder?

I don’t know what makes .bak files, so maybe?

Make a backup and try it?

The .bak files are created by jenkins, so copying them back works nicely (they are also used for the ‘restore previous plugin version’ in the plugin manager).

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