[Solution] Complete Jenkins stack, Kubernetes and Docker

Hi, dear community members,

Recently, I released the scripts to deploy the Jenkins stack that I use in our company and my training courses. This stack contains a set of containers, tools, plugins, collections that make a complete environment to implement your CI/CD pipelines.

This stack contains:

  • Jenkins (with a complete set of tools and plugins).
  • Docker (on Kubernetes for building images and running Jenkins jobs).
  • Docker registry (as a image repository).
  • Gitea (as a version control system).

Installed tools and plugins:

  • Installed tools in Jenkins:
    1. Git client (latest)
    2. Docker client (20.10.9, latest)
    3. Kubernetes client (1.22.2, latest)
    4. Ansible (4.6.0, latest) + A complete set of useful collections
    5. Helm (3.7.0, latest)
    6. Terraform (1.0.8, latest)
  • Jenkins plugins:
    1. 42 most useful Jenkins plugins
  • Ansible collections:
    1. 13 most useful Ansible collections

Two versions of this stack are available:

The stack, Jenkins, tools, plugins and collections are updated regularly.

Good luck.