Snippet Generator fails for recordIssues plugin

Jenkins setup: 2.414.1
Warnings NG plugin: 10.4.0
Browser: Edge (on Windows)

Hi, I have mentioned this problem before but I have been unable to fix it and so would like to take a fresh look at it.

When I open the Snippet Generator and select the recordIssues plugin, Edge’s Developer Tools Console displays error:


Then I select tool ‘gcc’ and click button Generate Pipeline Script. I then see error:

POST 500

No text appears in the script box.

When I hover over the Generate Pipeline Script button it disappears.

Other (but I think not all) tools work ok.

It may be relevant that Jenkins works behind nginx, but an http url without nginx also fails.

I want to fix the Snippet Generator because it is very useful. Any thoughts on what is wrong please?

Just an update on this. On http (without nginx) the Snippet Generator now seems to generate code as expected. However, for any Sample Step, the Generate Pipeline Script button disappears when I hover over it. This happens in Edge and Firefox.

Can anyone reproduce this behavior in Jenkins 2.414.1?

Jenkins 2.414.1, Pipeline: Groovy 3774.v4a_d648d409ce, Warnings Next Generation Plugin 10.4.0 . Firefox 102.15.0esr, or Microsoft Edge 116.0.1938.69.

I don’t see plain “gcc” in the tools list. There are “GNU C Compiler (gcc)” and “GNU C Compiler 3 (gcc)”. I added both of those tools and clicked “Generate Pipeline Script”. There were no errors or warnings in the browser console, POST to ${JENKINS_URL}/pipeline-syntax/generateSnippet returned HTTP status 200, and recordIssues(tools: [gcc(), gcc3()]) was correctly generated.

The button does disappear on hover but that seems to be a symptom of JENKINS-71479, not related to the HTTP status 500 that you’re getting.

There may be more information about the 500 status in the HTTP response or in Jenkins logs.

@kon Thanks for testing and confirming the bug with the button.

The tool I am using is GNU C Compiler (gcc).

I think my next step is to look at the nginx configuration.