Slack Notifications Duplicated for Python Jobs using Test Results Analyzer Plugin

Environment :

Jenkins Version 2.414.3
Slack Notification Plugin Version 684.v833089650554
Test Results Analyzer Plugin Version 0.4.0

Windows Server 2019 Bld 1809

Our Windows Jenkins system has been working fine for over a year with the Slack Notifications - sending around 10 - 12 messages to 2 different channels.

After updates in Late October, the notifications using Python Scripts with Test Results Analyzer Plugin are duplicated with the current build number (correct) then a duplicate notification of an older build (build no longer in the system - retention of 15 builds).

Note : If I run a job manually - the duplication does not happen. The above Python jobs are on a chron jobs for daily runs.

This notification duplication does NOT happen when jobs from the Robot Framework plugin are run.

Expected Results:

Expecting to see a single Slack Notification per job run

Actual Results:

Double notifications for Python jobs using Test Results Analyzer Plugin and Chron settings.

Welcome back @stevereiss ,

This could be due to a number of reasons, such as:

  • A bug in the Slack Notification Plugin or the Test Results Analyzer Plugin.
  • A misconfiguration in your Jenkins job or in the cron settings.
  • An issue with the interaction between the Slack Notification Plugin and the Test Results Analyzer Plugin.

Here are some steps you could maybe take to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Check the Jenkins job configuration: Ensure the job is not configured to send multiple notifications. Also, check the cron settings to ensure the job is not triggered multiple times.
  • Check the plugin configurations: Review the configurations of the Slack Notification Plugin and the Test Results Analyzer Plugin. Make sure they are set up correctly and are not causing duplicate notifications.
  • Update the plugins: If the plugins are not up-to-date, consider updating them to the latest version. This might fix the issue if a bug in the plugins causes it.
  • Check the Jenkins system logs: The Jenkins system logs might contain useful information about the issue.
  • Contact the plugin maintainers: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the maintainers of the Slack Notification Plugin and the Test Results Analyzer Plugin. They might be able to provide more specific guidance or fix the issue if it’s a bug in the plugins.
    Ok, you’ve already done so for the Slack plugin: Slack Notifications are Duplicated on Channel · Issue #934 · jenkinsci/slack-plugin · GitHub