Shared Library - How on Agent node

Hi, I came across User Handbook at Getting started with Pipeline, where I started watching one of the videow “reviews using the currentBuild variable in Jenkins Pipeline.”
At minute 6:54 the presenter talks about the feature of shared libraries and it seems that he has developed one and used in the video.
My question is if we have 1 master (windows server box) and 2 slaves agents (1 ubuntu, the 2nd win), should we add the system configuration the library pointing it to the github to be downloaded then it can be used when we run a pipeline on one of the agents or should shared libraries installed on each agent?

As this is a new topic for me, I googled, found so many articles about creating the shared libraries but not on how using them in different architecures. Thanks for your help

Shared libraries are configured on the controller and the code can only run on the controller. There is no need to install the shared libraries on the agents.
The shared library need to take care internally to properly handle different architectures (basically unix or windows) or provide corresponding steps that make clear if it is for unix or windows.

And please do not use the terms master or slave

Hi there,

As a reminder, the term “slave” to refer to an agent has been deprecated since 2016. Please refer to On Jenkins Terminology Updates for more details. We request you update your post.

Thanks, got it, I was not aware of this