Creating a Node in Windows

I’m new to Jenkins and I was given already a whole Jenkins server already built and until this moment I’ve just created some credentials for using in a groovy pipeline code that I changed a little bit. At the begining of this task I needed to create a Pipeline Node for a remote linux machine so I could have a little computer(agent?) so I could run the codes in jenkins.

Now I have another task, create another agent but in a windows remote pc. I dont have any idea of how to do this, I was hoping someone could help me.

I’m sorry if my language is not technical, but I’m really new to Jenkins and I’m not even confident of my question being well asked.

This tutorial looks pretty good: How to Install Jenkins Agent on Windows

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The Jenkins documentation includes a section for agents on Windows.

It also includes a video tutorial:

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I was told to give it a check in the Remote Access API of Jenkins, does this makes sense applied to my initial question?