Share Jenkins APIs as a Postman collection

I work for Postman as a Developer Advocate. I recently did a webinar that used Jenkins APIs to automate pipeline creation and mundane tasks. It took me a while to get started with the APIs, so I really think a Postman collection for Jenkins APIs would be useful for the community. I’d love to help add that collection on the Postman Public API Network as well, so it’s easily discoverable and faster to onboard.

There is something like this - Jenkins Postman collection by it’s shared by APIEvangelist, would be nice if the maintainers could have the official Jenkins team on Postman.

Please let me know who could help with this, thanks!

That sounds like a great idea. A project idea had been proposed for Google Summer of Code 2020 to create an automatic API reference generator for Jenkins. Refer to Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins REST API for the ideas that were proposed there.

The project was not included in GSoC, so it is an idea, not an implementation. If the postman team or others would like to start that project, I’m sure it would be well received.