Setup Known hosts for Jenkins on Windows

I’m trying to setup a Jenkins build server on windows for our Unreal projects. In the distant past I used Jenkins on Linux to create Unity builds and it was great!

I’m currently getting the error:
No ED25519 host key is known for and you have requested strict checking

I was wondering how to update the known hosts on windows. All the answers I’m finding mention logging in as the Jenkins user or adding known hosts to var/lib/jenkins which are targeted at linux installs. :frowning:


I tried making a build and the logs helpfully pointed me in the right direction to where I could add known hosts. I went with the manual method and just copied over the contents of my known hosts file.

I still have no idea where I would have to place a known hosts file to use that instead

Are you using OpenSSH-Win64 from the powershell project? If so, you should be able to add the public key into $USER_PROFILE.ssh\known_hosts

See the instructions in the SSH host key verification configuration section of the git client plugin documentation:

It provides a way for you to define the known_hosts file centrally and it will then place it on the agent or the controller as needed for git operations.