ServiceNow CICD plugin to run ATFs

I am new to using jenkins and have been tasked to run an ATF suite from Jenkins. Only could find one plugin with the capacity to do so.

In the listed documentation, I just need to fill out some parameters to run it however I’m getting failures and would like some clarifications on the parameters.

Test Suite name: Self explanatory, just the text name of the suite
Suite ID: Copied the sys ID from the suite
OS name: Is this referring to my machines operating system? (E.g. Windows 11 Enterprise)
OS version: Again, is it relating to my machines OS? I just looked up in settings “21H2”
Browser name: My web browser? E.g. Chrome
Browser version: I went to my browsers settings and got 112.etc
URL: I just entered my instance url:
Credentials: Entered a jenkins credential which holds my ServiceNow username and password

Any assistance to what is incorrect about these parameters would be greatly appreciated for this beginner jenkins user.

I would recommend you reach out to the vendor (service now) for help with their plugin. You may get lucky and a volunteer on the forums may know something, but vendors know their stuff better and get paid to help.