Script editor is not shown for Pipeline: Groovy (workflow-cps)

Recently, we switched to Jenkins 2.426.3 core version.
Unable to see the Pipeline Script editor while creating a Pipeline Job on Jenkins.
Pipeline Script from SCM works as expected.

workflow-cps version:

Can you guys help me out here.
Is there a open bug/we will need to switch to a higher version of workflow-cps plugin?


Upgrade the plugins.

It is a good idea to upgrade plugins each time you upgrade Jenkins. Jenkins developers generally test with the most recent releases of plugins. Jenkins users that upgrade Jenkins core are advised to upgrade their plugins at the same time as they upgrade Jenkins core. That gives them the best chance of running a set of plugins that others are running and that Jenkins developers have been running.

Since you are running an outdated plugin, that may also mean that you have deprecated plugins installed. It is a very good idea to review them and uninstall them. In general, deprecated plugins are either obsolete, no longer being developed, or may no longer work.

You may also have plugins installed that have known security vulnerabilities. It is a very good idea to review them and uninstall them unless you are willing to accept the risks described in those security issues.