Resource Root URL not working after enabling SSL

I am running Jenkins with version 2.361.1 in a Docker container. I changed the configuration to enable SSL but now the Resource Root URL is not working any more.
I changed the Resource Root URL to use https as well, but I am getting following error message when checking the system config:
Failed to connect: No subject alternative DNS name matching found.
When I manually try to open the specified URL, I can see that the certificate from the Jenkins URL is used.
I already copied a certificate for the Resource Root URL to my Jenkins container. I installed it (using update-ca-certificates) and restarted Jenkins but I am still getting the error messages.
Any idea what I need to change to get it working?

The resource root url is served by the same process but with a different url, I assume in your case also by a different hostname. That means that the certificate that you install in your Jenkins that is sent to clients must be one that has in its subject alternative DNS names both the hostname of your Jenkins and the hostname that you use in your resource root url.

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Thanks for the quick response. I will try this out!