Regarding Adobe Cloud Manager plugin in jenkins

We have integrated Adobe plugin to our project Jenkins pipeline but it throwing an error quite frequently and it fails the pipeline. We have to deploy the tag 3-4 times for it to be successful. Could you please advise what can be the issue and how can we resolve it.
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P.s. I have attached screenshots of the error and the expected condition.

As it’s not a heavily used plugin I wouldn’t expect.many here know much about it, and I personally don’t know how to read that output, I recommend contacting adobe cloud manager support.

Thanks for your quick response. I did contact Adobe Cloud Manager cloud support but they informed me that it is Jenkins plugin issue not Adobe side. They suggested us to raise a concern here for the resolution. Any advise?
Thanks again!

Without any details can’t really provide much. All you’ve shown is a red error banner.

Whats failing? Is there anything in either the pipeline logs, or the the jenkins system logs?

Thanks and much appreciate your quick response. Sorry for the late response from my end. We did not notice anything in Logs but the Jenkins pipeline failed. It might be an issue from Adobe side. I will contact them again and see what they would suggest. Thanks again!