Recommended Jenkins version from 2.400 to ***

Hi Team

Can some one suggest me that what is the recommended Jenkin version upgrade from 2.400 to *** ? Can i go with 2.414.2 LTS ?

Yes, but it is always recommended to upgrade the QA server first and make sure all the plugins and jobs work correctly before deploying on your production Jenkins server.

Thanq Alex for your reply !!

Post upgrade in non-prod jenkins, we are not able to see jenkin version properly in main page footer. Attached the same for ref. Can you please suggest what need to done to fix it.

It looks fine to me, the theme you are using is just putting its version in there too. Below that it shows 2.414.2 which is the version you were asking about upgrading to.

in the last 6 months I’ve taking my QA server and 2 prod servers up from 2.263.1 to 2.414.1 (atm) including updating all JRE on server and client. it was a forgotten garden. even spent time weeding out unused plugins. A lot of lessons learned. Thanks to this community I was able to get over every hurdle.

gladly share my back of napkin sketches with anyone that needs reference.

Way to go, Marc. :clap:

You’re more than welcome to share your napkin sketches. :thinking:

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done and done @poddingue

I share what I know, even if only one person benefits from it :smiley:

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