Rebuild stores jenkins passwords parameters

Happy to share my first question over here :blush:
about the rebuilder plugin of parameterized job
we do have password type parameter there. Is there a way to prevent the rebuilder store the passwords type parameters, and to prompt the user to re insert them?>


Use a credential parameter that maps to the credential system and use that decoded credential in your build instead


It was more convenient to our users to type in passwords since the passwords are personal and changed frequently…
Also the passwords stored as string was easier then passwords stores as jenkins objects in the store.

Do you see any other alternative?


I so rarely use parameters, and neve the password one, so I’ve never looked into it so i can’t really help more. It feels like the insecure direction, even if your using https, its still submitting passwords over the wire, then saves them, might even include them in the logs accidently.

Credentals systems handles all that, masks them in logs, you can have per user credentials, then they can select the id from a dropdown. Thats still strongly my recommendation.

Maybe check to see if there’s alternative parameter plugins.