Question: researching a commercial / paid version of Jenkins

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Can anyone please advise on the following?

Please see below, 1-4.



Can anyone please tell me who to contact  (at the Jenkins parent company)  to ask about buying a commercial/paid version of Jenkins ?

The government agency I work for has asked me to start researching this.

Please advise.

Based on a Google search, it appears that CLOUD BEES is the current parent company of Jenkins.



We are curious about the pricing options.

We have a large end-user community of software developers that use our current (FREE/OLD) Jenkins systems.


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Hi @jodove ,

I did not find any price on their website.
You should maybe ask them directly on their web page: .

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I was thinking CLOUD BEES was the parent company.

No such entity exists. Jenkins is an independent open source project and the trademark is owned by LF Charities (~the Linux Foundation).

Multiple vendors offer commercially supported Jenkins. CloudBees (my employer) is one of them, and the one with the most staff actively involved in the Jenkins project.

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If you are looking for FedRAMP support, AFAIK there is no commercial option for that and there is limited support for FIPS with Jenkins itself.

I’m not a CloudBees employee or customer but I think your best bet is to contact their sales as they can provide you with a version of Jenkins with more Enterprise features such as HA.

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Great information.

Did a quick Google on CLOUD BEES

Assuming this is accurate

That is the correct CloudBees

Ok. Thank you very much.

(Disclaimer: I am also a CloudBees employee)
On FedRamp and FIPS: note that CloudBees CI, our Jenkins-based offering, is already available on the US Department of Defense’s “Iron Bank”.

We are also actively working on offering a FIPS-compliant version of CloudBees CI.

Here’s our public information on this: Securing Government Cloud Deployments: CloudBees’ Path to FedRAMP Compliance and Beyond

Hello John, My name is Keith McDaniel and I run our state local government education division here at CloudBees. I am happy to assist. Please call me at 804.297856 or email me at


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I will contact you via email.



Quick question

Do you have an approximate release date on FIPS-compliant version Cloud Bees CI ?

Excellent, looking forward to it!

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Just sent you a direct email on this

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