Question for jenkins agent response time

I have been puzzled about the exact definition of jenkins agent response time.

Jenkins agents are online. Some agents with response time is higher than 18000ms. some is normal around 50-60ms. I ping’ed from the agent to jenkins controller. The result is much lower than 18000ms, pretty much around 100ms.
I need to display the agent response time to system users so they can know their network status quo, network performance, then they can fix their network problems.
Now the bizzare ping result is far different lower than the response time showing in jenkins ndoe list.

I also post a question on stackoverflow How is the jenkins slave response time calculated? - Stack Overflow
I’m been answered with source code jenkins/ at dacf078913d52a2e8c8a03f63d8401738ca317a7 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub .

To be honest it stills look blurry to me what the agent response time really means.

In the source code it says “Monitors the round-trip response time to this agent.”. Is it equivalent as “ping from agent to jenkins controller and controller to agent” ?
any other way i can measure the response time through a shell script ?

I saw @jglick @basil you guys are contributors for the source code (Kohsuke Kawaguchi not found in the community) jenkins/ at b9fcd2ae02752e7a74e9ca4886e490e435a1ff03 · jenkinsci/jenkins · GitHub

Can you please help me with quesiton ?

Please don’t ping people for answers. People will contribute answers when they have time and knowledge

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