.py files are not visible in jenkins post cloning the repo from github

Hi Team,

I am building framework as a part of it i want to clone the git repo using jenkins pipeline post cloning in jenkins i can not see any files with .py extension present but when i go to github and see in repo there are present.

You’re really going to need to share more details on what you’re seeing here.

Hi @doofus_canadensis ,

Here i am facing issue when iam switching in to page_Objects folder and perform dir there i can not see any .py files.

This is the folder structure from github

Oh. Your workspace is NOT at the root of the drive. You need to look at page_Objects, not /page_Objects

Hi @doofus_canadensis ,

yes i got it now earlier i am moving away from jenkins workspace which is why jenkins is not able to keep a watch on files.

Thanks for the help.