Problem with Testlink Plugin V3.16

I’m using testlink plugin v3.16, I added all configurations testlink in jenkins and my jenkins version is 2.387.1 and testlink version is 1.9.20. Jenkins can not write automated test as you can see photos. Jenkins can find test cases for automated ones in testlink but can not change the situations in testlink and jenkins result. How can i fix it?

I don’t see that in the photo. What does that mean?

It looks like TestLink needs adoption, so if your company uses it, i would recommend taking it over and looking into any bugs and bringing it up to modern standards.

I didn’t get any error. Jenkins job is working corretly and give us build, and can find automated cases from testlink. However, cases situations are always “not run” why? Should I get any result such as pass or fail?

Can you help us about plugin? Can you suggest any adoption?

It seems that nobody is actively using this plugin anymore. So if you need this plugin in your project you need to grab the source code and try to understand its functionality and fix it. Another approach would be to simply execute testlink in your pipeline and use the standard plugin for test results (junit-plugin) to show the results in Jenkins UI.

What is the standart plugin? Everyody can use this plugin but I wanna know how to solve this problem I don’t get any errors in logs.

to be very very blunt. You have 2 options

  1. Don’t use the plugin, just do anything you need via shell/bat/powershell commands
  2. Take over ownership and fix it.

Can you share any source what ı need shell/bat commands, I need only jenkins and testlink working together.

No I have no idea what testlink is or how it works. Maybe they have a cli guide somewhere

May the issue related to test result seeker method? I’m using testng suite result seeker method and I got the results from testng-results.xml but, testlink cases is not uptadated with testng results. Is there anyone to answer it?