Pipeline: Deprecated Groovy Libraries

I am unable to remove a plugin as it has dependencies. I do have the suggested plugin installed as shown in the provided image (the second plugin). I am still unable to remove the plugin.

Jenkins 2.361.1

Any help would be welcome, Thanks in advance.

Hover your mouse cursor over the “x” on the right side of the deprecated plugin. It will show a pop-up of the installed plugins that depend on it. Remove those plugins

Ty, I assume you are talking about that toast. I was certain I had once tried that, but I will reconfirm. Ty. I will check now.
This is what you are speaking of, correct?

I had to remove the “Pipeline: Declaritive”. Once I restarted I had an error which was telling me one of the plugins was unable to start as it was missing something. However, I was unable to remove the “Groovy Libraries”. Subsequently, I reinstalled the “Pipeline: Declaritive” and restarted Jenkins and it seems like the issues have been resolved.
Thank you for guidance and timely response. Wish everywhere was as quick to respond as this. I will mark this is resolved.
Many Thanks.