Out of date error message when updating

When I upgrade Jenkins the worker nodes fail because the version of remoting.jar changes. This file used to be call slave.jar but was changed to remoting.(n).jar. but the error message in Jenkins still says “This node is offline because it uses an old slave.jar.”

I thought this might be the place to let the team know. I know it’s only a little thing but if you’re going to change the name of the file you should change the error message which refers to it I think.

Thanks for reporting it. That’s an issue in the Versions Node Monitors plugin. I hope that we’ll submit a pull request to correct it as part of the She Code Africa Contributhon “Inclusive Naming” project.

If you’re interested in submitting a pull request to fix it, the file that needs the change is:

I tried but I’m not a coder, I just look after a server with Jenkins on it. :slight_smile: Submitting a pull request takes me to Github and starts talking about forking and versions, all outside my zone.

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No problem, though if you’re willing to spend 5-10 minutes watching a video, this clip shows you how to perform the edit and submit the pull request from GitHub.

The She Code Africa Contributhon has been working on changes for inclusive naming and the demo showed it.

I think I did it… Update Messages.properties by User284699672 · Pull Request #72 · jenkinsci/versioncolumn-plugin · GitHub


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