Not able to install update for plugin durable task

Failed to install Durable task update ( [550.v0930093c4b_a_6]) (Durable Task) on Jenkins version: 2.453.
When I tried to download the plugin file manually, it was blocked by the scanner: saying “Threat found: Trojan”

Contact your it team, get them to fix your virus scanner.

there is always a possibility that the host serving that file has been compromised, or you have a bad acting IT corporate proxy that intercepts TLS trafic, but given the amount of false positives we receive, and the lack of any information about any specific virus (based on previous reports if your IT dept looked up the “virus” it is likely one that they will find is based on a heuristic and is only a possibility that it is a trojan, because it does something “unusual”).

without knowing any more information we can not really help.

We document this as a known (non-)issue at Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

Claims of malware in Durable Task plugin or lib-durable-task unless substantiated (e.g., local builds from source are unaffected). Our best guess is that these tools consider the low-level process and signal handling and/or the bundling of native go binaries inside nested jar files in these components to be suspicious behavior. Please report this false positive finding to your anti-malware vendor.