Node issue with old 32 bit VM

I’m curious if there is a workaround for this old VM node that we rarely use here? The problem is that the old VM is 32 bit so it can only support JDK 1.8 and Jenkins no longer supports it. Just curious if there is a Jenkins solution to the issue?

You didn’t specify the OS the agent is running on but adoptium lists 32 bits compatible distribution at least for Windows:

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Sorry, the OS is CentOS 5.10.

CentOS 5.10 is unsupported by the CentOS project. Jenkins does not support operating systems that are not supported by the operating system provider. See the Linux support policy for more details.

You could treat the CentOS 5.10 computer as though it were embedded hardware, perform the checkout on an agent, use rsync to copy the workspace from the agent to the CentOS 5.10 machine, use ssh on the agent to launch the build on CentOS 5.10 build, then use rsync to copy the workspace from the CentOS 5.10 machine back to the agent. That provides most of the benefits of the Jenkins job without requiring that you run an agent on the CentOS 5.10 computer.