New Jenkins Instance - Unable to Delete Workspace

So here again, setting up my new Jenkins server. We are using 2.414.1. I have everything configured, pulled in two jobs from our previous installation to test connections and such. And they work fine. I pulled in some new jobs and now no new job can poll github. If I use a freestyle job and run it, I will get a failed job, but nothing else. No logs, the page for Console output it completely blank. So I tried setting up a simple pipeline that will just check out the rep and nothing else. But it tells me that it is unable to delete the workspace. I even went so far as to clone the job that is working with a new name and it does not work.

Very confused. May have to start from scratch. Ugh. Any tips or things to try would be helpful.

Have you checked the Jenkins logs to see if there is anything there that would help diagnose? What OS are you on? How did you install? A little more information on your setup would probably go a long way in getting help.

My apologies Alex, I made a change to my config and it kept stepping over itself and locking files. I figured this out later in the evening and forgot to mark this as not needed.


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Thanks for your feedback, @stokerd. :+1: